We have proven ways to help Wisconsin transportation

WTBA is a “cutting edge” association that is widely recognized for its expertise, the effectiveness of its programs, and the long-term impact of its forward-looking vision on the development of a very competitive Wisconsin transportation system. WTBA promotes and serves the Wisconsin Transportation Construction Industry and its members through the following programs:

Gov't Relations - State

WTBA continuously monitors and proactively supports state legislation that advances investment in transportation construction, and shapes an acceptable regulatory environment. The Association is extremely active at each stage of the Biennial Budget process, where most of these decisions are made. WTBA efforts were instrumental is winning a 40% increase in transportation construction investment, in inflation-adjusted dollars, over the past decade. Specifically, WTBA: Participates in a wide variety of external advisory committees, that provide policy recommendations on transportation planning and financing. Presents timely issue papers and analyses to the Legislature, state agency officials, and allied organizations on emerging transportation topics that will impact the industry. Establishes industry-wide positions and priorities through its ongoing Leadership Committee and regularly communicates those goals to its members to ensure coordinated political action. Contracts with highly credible, effective lobbyists, whose expertise is supplemented by staff lobbying efforts.



Contracting & Engineering

WTBA provides extensive, up-to-date information on all transportation construction projects to be let with federal or state funding statewide. The Association also provides accurate, timely information on bids received and awarded. WTBA actively participates on numerous committees and task forces that evaluate new ideas on quality improvement, contract delivery tools, alternative contracting systems, project development streamlining, and contract administration procedures. Association professional staff provides direct assistance to members in settling disputes, uniformity of specification interpretation and application, and appropriate training for new processes and procedures.



Environmental Policy

WTBA continuously monitors, tracks and proactively participates in rapidly changing environmental expectations, that impact numerous aspects of transportation construction. These areas include, for example, the emissions of criteria pollutants under the Clean Air Act, transportation conformity, and air toxics regulations; stormwater management and construction runoff; pit and quarry reclamation; and the disposal of construction debris. WTBA is also very active in public policy debates about transportation and land use, that could force the redirection of highway funds to other modes and severely restrict new highway capacity, despite growing congestion. To deal with these issues, WTBA employs dedicated professional staff with the expertise and skills to identify emerging issues, develop an appropriate WTBA strategy with extensive member input, and achieve our goals through needed legislation and/or major, complex rule-making processes. WTBA also provides information alerts and arranges for specialized training to assure that its members know about and can successfully comply with new rules.



Safety Services

WTBA contracts with a transportation safety construction consultant to: Staff a WTBA Safety Committee that works closely with OSHA to improve member safety performance. Provide timely information on changing safety regulations and respond to member questions. The Association is also active in federal and state safety regulatory processes.



Gov't Relations - Federal

WTBA actively monitors and communicates its positions on key federal transportation legislation to Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation. WTBA members are extremely active in ARTBA (American Road and Transportation Builders Association) and TRIP (The Road Information Program), and have held numerous leadership positions. The Association sponsors a member “Fly-In” each year to maintain continuous dialogue with the delegation and its staff. WTBA also organizes member communications directly with the delegation, at critical points in the federal legislative process.




WTBA’s beginnings are linked to a number of contractor-related groups that organized in 1902. They worked to promote highway building in Wisconsin at a time when the automobile was increasingly becoming an important and popular means of transportation. In 1939, after the consolidation of a number of these organization, WTBA emerged as the primary trade association representing the interests of the highway construction industry.