WTBA Publications

The 2017-19 State Budget reduced the State Highway Improvement Program by $246 million, negatively impacting state highway pavements and bridges. Click to read more on this:

Post-Budget Briefing WTBA 2018



Recent funding reductions and cancelled studies raise serious questions about Wisconsin’s ability to modernize key travel corridors to meet emerging congestion and safety needs. Click to read more on this:

Future of Major Highway Program WTBA 2018

External Publications

A national transportation research group finds that deteriorating roads and bridges cost Wisconsinites $6.8 billion in wasted time and fuel, accidents and extra vehicle operating costs. Click to read more:

WI Transportation by the Numbers – TRIP Study



A national report finds that 7.4% of Wisconsin’s 14,275 bridges are rated as structurally deficient. The two most heavily traveled bridges are at least 60 years old and carry nearly 125,000 vehicles daily. Read more at the link below:

ARTBA Bridge Report