The urgency for the contingency bonding was highlighted at yesterday’s WTBA Fall Meeting as WisDOT outlined the projected lets and quantities for the current fiscal year. Lets are projected to fall from $1.148 billion last year (FY 15) to a projected range of $1.06 – $1.09 billion this year. This range does not include the additional work that result from Joint Finance approval of the contingency bonding.

The bonding would also boost construction quantities, which are currently at or near historic lows. Here are the projected quantities for FY 16, with additional quantities resulting from Joint Finance approval in parenthesis:

Asphalt: 1.78 million tons (517,000 tons)
Concrete: 2.02 million square yards (318,400 square yards)
Excavation: 7.5 million cubic yards (2.281 millon yards)
Base Course: 4.3 million tons (1.436 million tons)
Bridge Deck: 2.1 million square feet (194,000 square ft.)
Grinding: 33,000 square yards (0)
Rubblizing: 0 (0)
Milling: 5.5 million square yards (1.54 million sq. yds)
Striping: 23 million linear feet (3.534 million linear ft)

WisDOT Lets & Quantities presentation
WisDOT Joe Olson/DTSD Update presentation
ARTBA Federal Update presentation
Iowa Funding presentation
MillerCoors Shipping presentation

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