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Lunda Construction Company


Taylor Drive

City of Sheboygan

The project was part of a $25 million grant awarded to Sheboygan County to promote safe, efficient pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure throughout the community. The construction of this 2.6-mile section of multi-use trail, at a cost of $6.8 million, along the east side of Taylor Drive provides a vital link between the existing trail to the north and a future trail to the south.

The project includes a 1,200-foot wooden plank boardwalk with a total of 61 spans and two prefabricated truss bridges. The boardwalk spans a sensitive wetland area. One of the bridges spans the Union Pacific railroad and, as a result of a statewide shortage of flaggers, the construction team instead used a railroad lockout procedure to keep the project moving.

Lunda also proposed a CRI to use galvanized helical piles in lieu of drilled shafts, reducing grading and matting, reducing time, reducing environmental impacts and saving money.

Lunda provided quality communication, which resulted in stakeholder cooperation to a degree not normally encountered on projects of this size.

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