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Project Detail

Lunda Construction Company


USH 12 Baraboo River bridges

Sauk County

This project constructed brand-new twin structures to carry traffic over the Baraboo River and Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, on the new USH 12 alignment. The structures are 766 feet long and consist of five spans. At their highest point, the structures are 119 feet above the Baraboo River.

Steep embankment slopes along the river, fluctuating water levels and a railroad significantly increased the complexity of the construction. Lunda regraded slopes and constructed a causeway and temporary bridge for access, which required considerable environmental coordination.

To get better access to the site, Lunda and their supplier proposed a CRI to construct temporary ramps and deliver girders without having to remove islands in the nearby CTH W intersection. This saved time and inconvenience – to the contractor and the public.

Lunda also increased productivity during substructure construction by using concrete maturity probes. These allowed continual monitoring of concrete strengths and temperatures during cold-weather curing, allowing falsework and forming to move at a very productive rate.

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