Asphalt Paving

Project Detail

American Asphalt of Wisconsin


USH 51 Wausau – Merrill

Marathon County

The project resurfaced a 4- to 6-lane rural highway in the north central region. The project involved milling the existing surface, placing a 2-inch lift of asphalt and routing and sealing longitudinal joints.

This project had been advanced, and American Asphalt coordinated with an adjacent project to minimize conflicts, keeping user safety in mind.

The project staging was modified to accommodate traffic while reheating the longitudinal joints. The design also showed stopping short of bridge approaches, but was modified to pave right up to the structures and reduce the number of pavement joints that would require future maintenance.

In terms of quality, American placed the 33,300 tons of asphalt using a shuttle buggy on the single 2-inch lift. Eliminating stops and starts minimized “chatter” in the pavement, resulting in a superior ride: an average IRI of 31.6.

This was also the first “Percent Within Limits” project in the state.  American worked with WisDOT staff to ensure that the HMA was within specs for mix and density results.

American Asphalt went the extra mile to deliver a high-quality finished product through innovative techniques and consistent coordination.

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