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Transportation Systems

Roads & Bridges Wisconsin has 113,697 miles of public roads, from Interstate freeways to city and village streets. The State Highway System consists of 11,812 miles of highways that are administered and maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The other 101,885 miles fall under the jurisdiction of the cities, towns, counties and villages in which they are located.

The state highway system consists of 743 miles of Interstate freeways and 11,069 miles of state and US-marked highways. While the 11,812 miles of state highways represent only 11% of all public road mileage in Wisconsin, they carry over 36 billion vehicle miles of travel a year, or about 59.6 % of the total annual statewide highway travel.

There are 13,751 highway bridges in Wisconsin of which 5,027 bridges are located on the State Highway System. The remaining 8,724 bridges are on municipal streets and rural roads and maintained by local governments.
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Aviation Wisconsin's aviation system consists of 98 public-use airports, which includes 90 general aviation and eight air carrier facilities. General aviation airports provide facilities for corporate travel, pilot training and general pilots. The eight commercial airports carry approximately 5 million passengers annually. In addition to these public-use airports, Wisconsin also has 407 privately owned airports, 132 heliports and 27 sea plane bases. Click here for aviation information.

Transit Wisconsin has 71 public transit systems that operate in urban and rural communities of the state. Click here for a map of Wisconsin transit systems.

Passenger rail Wisconsin and Illinois sponsor the Amtrak Hiawatha service between Milwaukee and Chicago. In addition, Amtrak's long-distance Empire Builder service has stops in six Wisconsin cities.
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Freight rail Eleven freight railroads in Wisconsin operate on a system of over 3,400 route miles. Combined, they handled over 2.5 million cars and 136 million tons of freight per year.
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Harbors Wisconsin's 15 commercial ports handle approximately 44 millions tons of cargo each year with an estimated value of $7 billion. They provide access to the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. In addition to commercial ports, Wisconsin also has facilities for ferries and pleasure craft.
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Bike & pedestrian WisDOT and local governments design and build facilities with accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians. In addition, the state has several bicycle trails that are important to the tourism industry. Click here for bike & pedestrian information.