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State Budget Process

State Budget Process

Wisconsin operates on a 2-year budget cycle, with each fiscal year beginning on July 1.  Development of a state budget follows a continuous, deliberate cycle:


n  Spring/summer (even-numbered year):  Agencies develop internal priorities and initiatives.


n  Fall (even-numbered year):  Agencies submit budget requests to State Budget Office (Dept. of Administration).


n  Nov. 20 (even-numbered year):  Dept. of Administration required to compile a report on each state agency request and prepare actual and estimated revenue estimates for current and upcoming biennial budget.


n  January/February (odd-numbered year):  Governor introduces Executive Budget proposal.


n  Spring (odd-numbered year):  Joint Committee on Finance holds public hearings and takes executive action on Governor’s proposal.


n  Summer (odd-numbered year):  Both houses of the Legislature approve biennial budgets.  A Conference Committee is held to resolve differences and develop an identical version of the budget that must be approved by each house.


n  Summer/Fall (odd-numbered year):  Governor signs budget and issues vetoes.


n  Fall (odd-numbered year):  Legislative veto review.  A two-thirds vote in each house is required to override a Governor’s veto.


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