Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association

Industry at a Glance

The stateís transportation construction industry takes tremendous pride in the products and services it provides to Wisconsinís citizens, businesses and overall economy.

Most of the stateís transportation construction firms are family-owned, multi-generational companies.Many of their workers have deep family ties to the companies.Unlike many states, Wisconsinís transportation market is dominated by specialty contractors.

Instead of general contractors that construct buildings, roads, bridges and other developments, Wisconsin contractors tend to specialize in a single aspect of transportation construction Ė such as concrete or asphalt paving, earthmoving, bridge building or producing aggregate for a range of products.This drives innovation and makes Wisconsinís transportation market extremely competitive.

According to the Department of Workforce Development, the overall construction industry in Wisconsin employed an average of about 117,000 people per quarter.Of that number, the private-sector highway and bridge industry represents about 5,700 workers, most of whom are laborers and construction equipment operating engineers.Here is the breakdown of construction industry employment by sector:

The highway and bridge component of the Wisconsin construction industry pays the highest average weekly wage of all the disciplines:

Not only do transportation investments pave the way for job growth across the economic spectrum in Wisconsin, but the wages earned by industry employees help provide the public resources for education, health care, environmental stewardship and the other services that make Wisconsin a great place to live.