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How Wisconsin Compares

Here’s a look at how Wisconsin transportation compares with other states:


Even though its fuel tax is higher than the national average, Wisconsin highway user fees are the lowest in the Midwest.


Wisconsin ranks 23rd in its return on payments to the federal Highway Trust Fund in FFY 2005, when it received $1.14 in federal aid for every $1.00 in user fee payments made by state motorists.  Alaska received $7.40 in aid for each $1.00 contributed while Minnesota received .87 cents for each $1.00.  Since the Highway Trust Fund was created in 1956, Wisconsin has received a near-equitable return on its contributions to the fund.

Transportation Systems

Wisconsin ranks 12th in total public road mileage with 114,142 miles.  The top five are Texas, 304,171; California, 169,906; Illinois, 138,833; Kansas, 135,462; and Minnesota, 132,048.


Wisconsin ranks 16th in total vehicle miles of travel with 60 billion VMT in 2005.


Wisconsin ranks 21st in highway fatalities with 815 traffic-related deaths in 2005.  The top five were California, 4,329; Florida, 3,543; Texas, 3,504; Georgia, 1,729; and Pennsylvania, 1,616.