Unlike general contractors that build a variety of products, WTBA members tend to be specialty contractors who excel in one of these areas:

• Aggregate production • Asphalt paving • Bridge building • Concrete paving • Earthmoving

Specializing in a specific area of transportation construction allows WTBA members to build quality infrastructure in the most efficient manner – providing value to the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, every $1 billion invested by state governments in highway construction and improvements will support a total of 27,823 jobs. This includes:

• 9,537 on-site construction jobs. • 4,324 jobs in industries that either directly or indirectly supply materials and services needed for the construction projects. • 13,962 jobs supported when those employed at the construction site or in supplier industries spend their incomes.

Click here (http://worknet.wisconsin.gov/worknet/HotOcc.aspx?menuselection=ce&area=55&Group=H&areatype=1&Level=5&areaname=Statewide) for the Department of Workforce Development’s projected change in construction employment to the year 2020.